Photon Glue

Research in the Laboratory for Nano and Micro Photonics (LaNMP) can be best summarized as exploration of light-matter interaction at the nanosale. The main research focus areas are development of: photonic structures that confine light and artificially engineered optical materials such as metamaterials and hybrid excitonic materials that display optical properties that surpass naturally occurring materials.

These focus areas are motivated by the quest to develop next generation computing technologies including those that exploit the quantum property of light, ultrasensitive sensors for chemical and biological detection, and high efficiency energy transfer systems.

Recent breakthroughs in the group have included the demonstration of optical control of microcavities with valley degree of freedom (Nature Photonics 2017), new class of artificial photonic media: photonic hypercrystals for enhancing spontaneous emission (PNAS 2017, Nano Lett. 2016), strong light-matter interaction between one-atom layer thick material and light (Nature Photonics 2015), active hyperbolic metamaterials (Optica 2015),  organic-inorganic hybrid materials which use photons for coupling (Physical Review Letters 2014), control of light-matter interaction by using an idea from the field of topology in mathematics (Science 2012), direct visualization of transport of energy carrying particles in organic solar cells (Nature Comm. 2014) and a flexible laser technology (US Patent # 8610103,  2013).

The group consists of post-doctoral researchers, doctoral students, undergraduate and high school students. Alumni from the group have gone to positions in national labs, tenure track faculty positions and post-doctoral positions at internationally renowned institutions. We are always looking for motivated students to join us. If you are interested in joining us, do contact Prof. Menon.

Research Topics :

  • Excitons and polaritons in 2D semiconductors (NSF – EFRI 2DARE)
  • Polaritonic switching using 3D exciton polaritons (NSF-ECCS)
  • Control of energy transfer in hybrid organic-inorganic nanomaterials (NSF – DMR)
  • Metamaterial based light emitters (ARO)
  • Control of molecular energetics and transport via strong light-matter coupling (DOE – BES)
  • Quantum light emitters based on defects (NSF – IDEALS CREST)
  • Excitonic lattice and coherent phenomena in 2D TMDs (NSF MRSEC – PAS3)