Congratulations Prathmesh for a successful defense (PhD #15)

He is off to META (Facebook) to make better AR/VR technology!

Strong light-matter coupling in vdW magnet CrSBr appears in Nature

Congratulations to Florian, Rez and rest of the team!

And here is a link to the paper



Bulk van der Waals Layered Magnet CrSBr is a Quasi-1D Material

Work in collaboration with Julian Klein with Florian and Rez appears in ACS Nano

Optically Active Defects in a Layered Magnetic Semiconductor

Work led by Julian Klein from MIT in collaboration with Florian, and Rez appears in ACS Nano

New paper in collaboration with Miri group on neural computing

published in Nanophotonics – work done in collaboration with Prof. Mohammad Ali Miri’s group

Highly nonlinear dipolar polaritons published in Nature Comm.

Congratulations Biswajit, Mandeep, Rez, Prathmesh, and collaborators – Stephane Kena-Cohen, Felix Thouin and Simone De Liberato

Link to the article: Highly nonlinear dipolar exciton-polaritons in bilayer MoS2


New paper on “spin correlated polaritons in vdW magnets” in Nature Nanotech.

Congratulations Florian, Rez, and Biswajit! Here is a link to the paper in Nature Nanotech.

And thank you to wonderful collaboration with Edoardo Baldini, Ajesh Kumar and Allan MacDonald from UT Austin

Congratulations Rezlind Bushati and Gabriel Lopez Morales for successfully defending their thesis!

Rez moves on to Quantinuum making better ion trap quantum computers and Gabriel won a prestigious NSF CREST Post-doctoral fellowship.

Postdeadline paper at CLEO 2022

Excitons polaritons in vdW magnets – Congratulations Florian and Rez